Encrypted email

posted 28 Jan 2016, 12:12 by Biuro Kaznowski

After extensive testing, we are now able to offer end-to-end encrypted email from Protonmail based in Switzerland. Please use this email for all secure communications with us:

Christmas and New Year office hours

posted 22 Dec 2014, 01:22 by Biuro Kaznowski

Our offices will be closed on the following days during the Christmas and New Year period:

From 13:00 CET on 24th December
To 09:00 CET on 29th December
1st January - all day

Possible problems with address

posted 29 Apr 2014, 02:40 by Biuro Kaznowski   [ updated 29 Apr 2014, 02:59 ]

There appears to be a problem with our address. Please use instead to ensure reliable delivery of emails.

Possible email problems

posted 13 Mar 2014, 01:56 by Biuro Kaznowski   [ updated 13 Mar 2014, 01:59 ]

We have received a number of reports that there may be problems with the domain and associated email address -
We are unable to reproduce the problem ourselves but as a precaution we recommend using in addition to to ensure reliable delivery of emails.

Disruption to our services

posted 7 Dec 2013, 01:05 by Andrzej Kaznowski

Due to the problems caused by the storm and subsequent damage in Poland, we are currently suffering  severe disruption to our services and availability.  All our Internet connections - both the main and our two backup connections - are off-line. There are no problems with any of our data systems or document archives. We will be able to offer a skeleton service on Monday but ask for your understanding until all the communication problems are resolved. We sincerely apologise to all our customers for any inconvenience. 

National holidays in November, 2013

posted 15 Oct 2013, 15:39 by Biuro Kaznowski   [ updated 23 Feb 2014, 02:30 ]

Our offices will be closed for two Polish national holidays in November:

Friday, 1st November (All Souls Day)
Monday, 11th November (Independence Day)

Please ensure that any orders take these holidays into account.

Email problems: Update

posted 29 Aug 2013, 03:18 by Andrzej Kaznowski   [ updated 30 Aug 2013, 05:58 ]

It looks as if the email problems have been solved. The problem lay with the company managing our servers in the US, which was having DNS problems with certain countries in Europe. They seem to have solved the problem and everything should now be working properly, but if you encounter any problems please let us know immediately so we can deal with it.

Email problems

posted 28 Aug 2013, 05:23 by Andrzej Kaznowski   [ updated 28 Aug 2013, 05:29 ]

We are currently experiencing problems with our emails. It appears to be a DNS issue and is out of our hands. Please be patient with emails or use our website form to send in urgent orders.

Offices closed 15th-18th August, 2013

posted 16 Jul 2013, 04:07 by Biuro Kaznowski   [ updated 16 Jul 2013, 04:09 by Andrzej Kaznowski ]

Our offices will be closed for 15th-18th August, 2013 due to a Polish state holiday. Please contact us in advance if you anticipate any translations during this period as we will need to alert translators in advance.

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