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Film sub-titling

Sub-titling is a very time-consuming and specific type of translation job, requiring experience and knowledge of specialist software by translators.
  • The original language film in a format that can be read without the use of proprietary software (ideally mpg or other commonly used format) and with good audio quality.
  • A transcript of the original in an editable format, e.g. doc, txt. If this is not available then we can prepare a transcript from the audio of the film for a separate fee as part of our transcription service.
  • Any requirements regarding the number of lines of text allowed per shot or the number of characters per line.
We can return either the original film with the sub-titles in situ or a time-cued sub-title file in any of the following formats:
  • Adobe Encore DVD
  • Advanced Sub Station Alpha
  • AQ Title
  • DKS Subtitle format
  • MacSUB
  • MicroDVD
  • MPlayer
  • MPlayer 2
  • MPSub
  • Panimator
  • Phoenix Japanimation Society
  • Power DivX
  • Sofni
  • SubCreator 1.x
  • SubRip
  • Sub Station Alpha
  • SubViewer 1.0
  • SubViewer 2.0
  • ViPlay Subtitle File
The price for sub-titling work is for a minute of film. However, due to each sub-titling project being unique in nature, we are not able to give a standard price. Please use the link below to request a quote.